Achieving Goals As Adults


By JFK Martial Arts, in Mandeville, Covington, and Baton Rouge.

How To Effortlessly Achieve Your Goals

There are many things in the world you want to accomplish. Most of us fail to get what we want. This happens not for want of lack of trying, but not attempting it smartly. The truth is that we make a deadline, but not a schedule.

It is a mistake to concentrate only on the end goal and set a deadline within which we should achieve our aims. Plenty of examples exist. The commonest among them is losing X number of pounds by the end of spring. The big problem with this line of thinking is that if we fail to achieve the desired target within the timeline, we regard ourselves as a failure- even though we were actually better when compared to the beginning. Our goal is junked, and our aspirations fade away.

There is another, and an effective way to reach your goals. You should set a schedule on which to operate and not a deadline within which you must achieve something. Select a goal important to you. Set schedule to work hard towards it in a consistent manner. It is a big shift to standard thinking.

 Real-World Practice

 Instead of setting a result as a desired goal, do the process itself. The result will take care of itself. It means you do not have to set a goal of losing 10 pounds within two months. Set up a regular exercise schedule instead. You will soon see your body get fitter as the fat gets exercised away. You will not only be more confident, but also have better habits. You may not have lost 10 pounds, but you have achieved what you have always wanted, a healthier and fitter you! Best of all, you will feel like a winner. This tactic can be used in your professional life as well.


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