Exercise and Emotional Improvement

Exercise and Emotional Improvement

By JFK Martial Arts, in Mandeville, Covington, and Baton Rouge.

 Exercise positively influences mental health. Stress is relieved and memory improved. Sleeping gets better and overall mood levels are generally raised. Anyone who exercises gets to begin reaping these rewards without needing to completely reorient their life or become a ‘fitness fanatic’.

The benefits of exercise are not limited to muscle development and aerobic activity. It will provide you a sense of happiness and you will feel much more relaxed and fulfilled. Physical activity has been shown to be an effective method to alleviate or even cure several mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety.


Exercise can cure moderate depression. Its efficacy is the same as any anti-depressant medication sans any side effects. It not only relieves the symptoms of depression such as a lethargy, a lack of motivation or a loss of appetite, but maintaining the exercise schedule prevents it from relapsing. Exercise is an effective method to combat depression for a number of reasons. Doing this physical activity leads to a number of changes in the brain. The list of benefits include reduced inflammation and increased neural growth and activity. Endorphins are also released naturally through exercise. This energizes the spirit and helps to instill a general sense of positivity and well-being.


Physical activity like a good exercise regimen is extremely effective when it comes to fighting anxiety, tension is relieved. Mental and physical energy gets increased thanks to endorphins release. You will feel happy when you pay attention. There is no need to take drugs to zone out. You will get a better clarification on matters that occupy your mind.


Incidence of stress can cause muscles to be tensed. This happens especially in the facial, shoulder and neck muscles, resulting in neck pain, back pain, or painful migraine-like headaches. There could be a tightness in the chest, muscle cramps or an accelerated heart rate. You could also experience insomnia and stomachache. Exercise is a great natural and side-effect free method to break this cycle. Since the mind and body are closely meshed, when your body becomes healthier better, your mental state will also markedly improve over time.

ADHD symptoms can also be reduced by regular exercise. It improves a person’s ability to focus and concentrate, mood, memory, and motivation. The brain’s serotonin dopamine and nor-epinephrine levels also goes up.

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