JFK Martial Arts offers a wide variety of martial arts programs for both teens and adults.
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JFK Martial Arts Leadership Students Succeed

JFK Leaders Learn Valuable Life Skills

At JFK Martial Arts in Mandeville, our karate program helps kids and teens build more than just confidence and discipline. By facing challenges in a safe and encouraging environment, all students learn how to never give up. Quitters never win and winners never quit. JFK Leadership Students always believe in themselves, no matter what. They also learn that when they believe in themselves, others believe in them too. This empowers them to tackle any obstacle that comes their way, whether in be on the mats, or in life.


All Great Leaders Were Great Listeners First

Karate students at the Mandeville JFK Martial Arts learn how to listen and learn. They distinguish between passively hearing what is said to them and the active process of listening. As Leaders, they set the standard for others to follow. Their ability to understand a goal and work towards it with determination allows them to guide a team to success. Our Leadership students are succeeding on the mats, at home, and academically.


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JFK Martial Arts helps children, teenagers, and adults to succeed through confidence, self-discipline, and the joy of being themselves.

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