Congratulations Mr. Kissgen on your Fourth Degree Blackbelt Mr. Kissgen started with us in the JFK Mandeville school as a tiny tiger at the age of 4. He started teaching in the Mandeville school when he was 12 years old and is now a partner in our Baton rouge location. Mr. Kissgen attributes his success Read More

Below are the different testing requirements for ATA Taekwondo Forms Black Belt 1st Degree Rec. (Choong Jung) 1st Degree (Shim Jun Poome-Sae) 2nd Degree (Jung Yul Poome-Sae) 3rd Degree (Chung San Poome-Sae) Red Belt 1st Grade (Choong Jung) Brown Belt 2nd Grade (Choong Jung) Blue Belt 3rd Grade (In Wha) Purple Belt 4th Grade (In Read More