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About Us

About Our School

Just For Kicks Black Belt Academy educates students on both the mental and physical aspects necessary to keep in shape and defend themselves in a trying society. Our martial art’s programs teaches not only physical self-defense techniques but important life skills such as discipline, respect and confidence to stand up to peer pressure and other mental challenges thrust upon one in today’s fast-paced society.

The past 17 years have seen the JFK Martial Arts Family grow to three schools serving the Mandeville Covington area of St. Tammany Parish.

JFK Martial Arts students

Meet The JFK Martial Arts Instructors

Andrew Beaujeaux

Andrew Beaujeaux – Head Instructor/Owner

With a passion for helping community members stay safe while teaching the “art” of martial arts, our Head Instructor believes that each student can obtain their goals and objectives in life. While teaching techniques that save lives with life skills that work both on and off the mat, our students get the best instruction possible in Mandeville, Covington and Baton Rouge, LA.

James Kissgen

James Kissgen – Baton Rouge

Mr. Kissgen began his training at the JFK Martial Arts Mandeville location in 2002 as a Tiny Tiger. Highlights of his17 year mistrial arts’ career include competing on the ATA World Tournament Circuit as a Top Ten Competitor. He has won several District and State Titles. Mr. KIssgen began the teaching portion of his taekwondo career when he was 12 years old. In 2017 he completed his certification. He is currently a 4th Degree black belt and JFK Partner in the Baton Rouge location.

Jennifer Hoover

Jennifer Hoover – Covington

Mrs. Jennifer Hoover began training in Covington Louisiana, She founded the Just For Kicks Marital Arts brand than eventually became JFK Martial Arts in 1997. During a career that spans more than 30 years, Mrs. Hoover has won three World Titles as well as numerous state and district titles. She has been a certified instructor for 27 years and is currently a JFK Partner in the Covington location.

James Szigeti

James Szigeti – Mandeville

Mr. Szigeti earned his 5th Degree Black Belt with the ATA in 2018, after over 15 years of training. He enjoys sharing his passion for both teaching and martial arts with students of all ages. He graduated from University of Central Florida and taught high school English in Florida before moving to Texas to own a school. He joined the JFK Martial Arts Mandeville team in 2018. Some of his favorite parts of martial arts are Xtreme Martial Arts (XMA, what you see in movies), sparring, and the family culture of a karate school.

Why Choose JFK Martial Arts?

Our History in the Community

We have served southeast Louisiana for almost 20 years. Come experience the JFK Martial Arts difference.

Fun, Energetic Classes For All Ages

Our program specializes in students 3 and up. Come learn in a safe environment about personal safety and self improvement.

Life Skill Training To Enhance Mental Strength

Our program educates students on the importance of self-discipline, persistence and maintaining a positive attitude for a better quality of life at work or school.

happy parent with child


  • By being very focused in school Jason has made straight A's on his report card for the 1st nine weeks. He got a principal award and perfect attendance. We are very proud of him. JFK Martial Arts is reinforcing what he is learning at home in regards to discipline and respect, and amplifying in areas that they specialize in with the martial arts.

  • Matthew has been focus on being a better leader his school work has improved a lot and his focus on being a great martial artist is his goal. Matthew look forward to taking on a new every day and is training hard for the next competition. I appreciate the staff of JFK Martial Arts so much for everything they do for these kids and my son!

  • Hudson took last month off of karate to focus on his school work. He worked hard each night. Upon completion of the first 9 weeks he made honor roll and even received the perfect conduct award! He's now ready to get back into karate and focused on not only maintaining his grades but achieving his next belt promotion.

    We could not be anymore proud of Hudson and his growth throughout his time at Just 4 Kicks!

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