JFK Martial Arts students with their black belt candles.

  Students at JFK Martial Arts in Mandeville, Covington and Baton Rouge came together to participate in their annual Black Belt Candle Lighting Ceremony.  The event took place in Mandeville on December 17.  More than 20 black belts ranging in age from 8-adult attended.  Having attained a new rank this year, the students lit their Read More

New work reveals that traditional martial arts practice helps communication. Training in traditional martial arts requires physical and mental focus. As contrasted with martial arts that that focus exclusively on competition and fighting, traditional here  means those practices emphasizing overall skill and character development with movement patterning. Such training is essentially a holistic synergy of mind-body coordination. Read More

JFK Martial Arts Families That Kick Together, Stick Together Karate Families Build Discipline Together At JFK Martial Arts in Covington, our karate program helps kids and their parents grow together. Training together strengthens the bonds between family members and friends. There is nothing else quite like the camaraderie of a martial arts school.   Friendship, Read More

JFK Leaders Learn Valuable Life Skills At JFK Martial Arts in Mandeville, our karate program helps kids and teens build more than just confidence and discipline. By facing challenges in a safe and encouraging environment, all students learn how to never give up. Quitters never win and winners never quit. JFK Leadership Students always believe Read More

JFK Martial Arts Students Are Confident Leaders At JFK Martial Arts in Mandeville, our karate program helps kids develop self-esteem. They learn that believing in themselves helps them achieve anything and that when they do, others will believe in them too. This ability to overcome any obstacle allows them to succeed in their academics and Read More