Below are the different testing requirements for ATA Taekwondo Forms

Black Belt

1st Degree Rec. (Choong Jung)
1st Degree (Shim Jun Poome-Sae)
2nd Degree (Jung Yul Poome-Sae)
3rd Degree (Chung San Poome-Sae)

Red Belt

1st Grade (Choong Jung)

Brown Belt

2nd Grade (Choong Jung)

Blue Belt

3rd Grade (In Wha)

Purple Belt

4th Grade (In Wha)

Green Belt

5th Grade (Songahm)

Camo Belt

6th Grade (Songahm)

Yellow Belt

7th Grade (Songahm)

Orange Belt

8th Grade (Songham)

White Belt

9th Grade (Songahm)

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