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JFK Baton Rouge Instructor Achieves 4th Degree Blackbelt

Congratulations Mr. Kissgen on your Fourth Degree Blackbelt

Mr. Kissgen started with us in the JFK Mandeville school as a tiny tiger at the age of 4. He started teaching in the Mandeville school when he was 12 years old and is now a partner in our Baton rouge location. Mr. Kissgen attributes his success in school and life from all the life-skills he learned in class. “Being a leader inside the Karate school taught me how to be a leader in life; Just for Kick’s Karate for Kids program laid the foundation for me to thrive and succeed as an adult, giving me key tools like discipline, focus, and self confidence.”

Mr. Kissgen actually had to wait a little under ten years to test for his 4th degree because of an age requirement on the rank.  The time between ranks never stopped him. He was always determined and persistent, always focused on his goal! Congratulations on your 4th Degree sir, you’ve earned it! Its amazing what you can accomplish with a little persistence and hard work. Cant wait to see what you accomplish next sir!



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